the board

In order to enable the smooth running of the sporting business with almost 400 members, the board is responsible, which we would like to introduce here.

The board is composed as follows:

Executive board:

  • 1. chairman: Volker Müller
  • 2. chairman: Horst-Peter Krüger


The members of the executive board plus the following positions:

  • Treasurer: Kerstin Ochtendung
  • Secretary: Werner Meyer

Extended board:

The members of the board plus the department heads:

  • badminton: Horst-Peter Krüger
  • gymnastics: Beate Willke
  • swimming: Kerstin Ochtendung
  • table tennis: Bernd Fischer
  • water gymnastics: Beate Willke


  • Member administration: Sabine Vollmer-Rusteberg
  • Youth Officer: Sabine Vollmer-Rusteberg
  • Sports manager: Christian Schneider
  • Social worker: Christian Schneider

The entire extended board is happy to answer any questions from our members as well as potential new members. For this purpose, the address data of the board can be called up under contacts. The address data of the departments and department heads can be found on the department's internal pages.